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After a week of being in Barbados, I finally decided that if I HAD to be here I might as well get out and enjoy it.
We visited a Wildlife Reserve and were delight by all the animals, especially the Green Monkeys.

We then took a tour of the island that took us past many landmarks including this old windmill.
Felt a little like I was in the "motherland"
(Dutch reference for all those you who fit into the "If you're not dutch, you're not much category!")

The eastern coastal town of Bathsheba was beautiful as well as a gathering spot for surfers.

The night before we left, 6 of us decided to go deep sea fishing.
"Why did it not look so hard when the boys were doing this?"

Unadulterated relief and exhaustion right here....

The spoils of our day!
We gave two of the fish to the boat guys and took the rest back to the hotel
where we bribed the kitchen staff to cook up the fish for us.
We feasted on the freshest Tuna, Barricuda and Wahoo I've ever tasted--
we had so much we were able to feed most of the restaurant staff as well. Yummy!

I'm not sure if my eyes are closed from the flash
or from the shame of a vegetarian having killed this thing!

(It sure did taste good though!)

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