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Camp Pictures

Vondell showing off his smile.
Vondell and his brothers, Jamal and Tevon all live at Tufton Hall.

Sherwin and Jamal grabbing a snack off the trees on our hike.
I'm not sure which is bigger--Jamal's head or that huge soursop!
The mango is a type called "Belly Full Mangoes"--wonder where they got that name...

Taking a river bath at one of the boys favorite watering holes.
It was about an hour's hike from Victoria and is on property that belongs to the boys who live at Tufton Hall.

Sherwin...Please tell me that's not lunch!

Kemron taking the plunge!

Joaquim hard at work during "kite-making".
The boys actually taught the conselors how to do this.
The "flex" that makes up the cross pieces was made out of the center of palm leaves.

Kovon and Kemron playing busman and conductor on the beach

Kovon and his creative umbrella

The whole group--some were obviously more proud of their certificates than their faces!

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