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World Cup Qualifier--USA vs. Grenada

A case of torn loyalty calls for a sign that expresses it!

Grenadians showed up in force sporting national colors of gold, red and green to support the Spice Boyz!

The US won the "football" game 3-2, but everyone was impressed with how professional Grenada's team looked.

Amy and I celebrating with the assured matter the outcome!

So THIS is Peace Corps?

Every occasion is a reason to celebrate!
The guys are throwing flour on themselves...Grenada's equivilant of silly string?!?

Are you kidding me? Grenada has cheerleaders? How can I join?

It rained for an hour or so before the game and on and off throughout.
Many dedicated fans stuck it out without taking shelter.

No...I didn't pee my pants from excitement.
I promise it was the rain!

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