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St. Andrew's Roman Catholic School held an Independence Gala and Exhibition for the children and community in celebration of 30 years of Independence

The school was decorated in national colors of red, yellow and green.

Community members, teachers and parents donated fruits, vegetables and traditional Grenadian dishes for the food and agricultural exhibit which was later sold as a fundraiser.

A local artist displayed his collection of handmade tools and artifacts.

The kindergarten and grade 1 students had a live display of the 8 prime ministers since independence.

Chris, one of the teachers, told traditional stories to the children, some of whom were dressed up as Grenadian folk characters.

The children participated in a traditional festival and parade. Liz is the teacher with the yellow shirt and green head scarf brandishing her fake cutlass!

Some of the teachers paraded around in carnival costumes--a truly West Indian tradition.

Students at the nearby girls secondary school came to enjoy the fun.