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Emily & Sydney (AKA "The most beautiful girls on earth")

Sydney Grace is 14 months and has changed so much since I had seen her last August--including new teeth and curls!
She's also learned to run and is starting to learn to say "SARA" (Well, I thought so at least...)

Emily turned 3 at the end of January and is an absolute delight to spend time with.
She is talkative, curious and energetic--Some people even say she's a little like her Auntie Sara at that age!

Whew! An afternoon with these girls and I need a nap--how does their mom do it?

Tess and I took Emily and Sydney swimming for some quality Auntie time!

It took Syd a bit of time to warm up to the water, but once she did, she loved it!

Saying goodbye to my wonderful nieces was definitely the hardest part of being home.

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