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Oil Down

Oil down is the national dish of Grenada and can be cooked over a fire outside or on the stove. It is made in a big pot and the essential ingredients are saffron (which gives it a golden color), coconut, fig (green banana), dumplings, breadfruit (a soft, starchy vegetable) and callaloo (a green leafy vegetable). In addition, you can pretty much put in whatever you want... chicken, pumpkin, fresh fish bones, heads and all), salt fish, carrots, onions, garlic, etc. The end result is a delicous pot of vegetables and meat that is kind of like a stew but without any broth. The name comes from the fact that, after cooked, the oil goes down to the bottom.

Oil down cooking on the fire--Yum yum!
The long white things are dumplings (bread dough hand rolled into that shape)

After everything is in the pot and it's boiling, it is topped with the chopped callaloo.
A couple hours over that fire and it's good to go!