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Random Photos

Before JP left, he organized a trip
with some friends to Sandy Island, off of Bathway Beach
We're walking down the streets of Sauteurs here to the jetty

(Top to Bottom) JP, Sara, Becca, Kari, Kristin, Jaime

The island was just beautiful and we had a fantastic day!

Kristin getting one with nature...

JP's good friends Buggy and Ben, who got us safely out to the island (and back!)

At JP's goodbye party at Kari's

JP and his ladies!
Clockwise: JP, Sara, Kelly, Kristin, Christina, Kari (from CO), Carrie (from CO), Kari, Kate, Becca

Easter Lasagna at Sara's

Green Carib on St. Patty's

My neighbor, Shadell
These last 4 pictures are from Bathway on Easter

Keira, Shanita and Sherry

Iana and Shanita

Liz, Hazelann (neighbor), me and the kids

Shadells and Iana

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