Sara's Peace Corps Journey
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last updated 5.26.05

Hello! Welcome to the online account of Sara's Peace Corps Journey!

On July 1st, 2005, I successfully completed my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer on the island of Grenada in the Eastern Caribbean. During my 2 years of service there, I lived near Grenville on the eastern (Atlantic) side of Grenada. I worked with schools, organizations, parents and communities in the area of special education. In addition, I assisted in the massive recovery and rebuilding process after Hurricane Ivan destroyed much of the island on Sept. 7, 2004.

After spending 6 wonderful weeks with my family back in Michigan for the summer, I am now headed to Nashville to get my Master's in Education at Vanderbilt University. For anyone who runs across this site and is considering Peace Corps or just wants more information about my experience, please read through the journals browse my pictures and feel free to write me at

Me and my Peace Corps "support system"--thanks for all you did that allowed me to do what I did!

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